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Join the Conversation – 2024 Suicide Awareness Message Design Contest

The Simcoe County Suicide Awareness Council (SCSAC) is thrilled to announce the launch
of the 2024 Suicide Awareness Message Design Contest, commencing on June 3rd, 2024.
This contest invites individuals of all ages to unleash their creativity by crafting an original
design, intended for print on clothing and other accessories. Our aim is to raise awareness
of suicide, as a significant issue in our society, and help ignite conversations about mental
health. We all encounter challenges in life; no one should face them alone. Let’s allow art to
serve as a bridge to foster these vital conversations.

Contest Guidelines:

  1. The contest is open to all individuals residing in Simcoe County and its surrounding areas.
  • Members of the Simcoe County Suicide Awareness Council, as well as their immediate families, are welcome to participate in the contest. However, they are not eligible to receive the prize awarded to the winners. If their submission receives the most votes, they will be recognized with an honorable mention.
  • Artwork must be the sole creation of the individual and suitable for printing on the selected items.
  • Artwork should be a minimum size of 8” x 11” to ensure image quality for printing on selected surfaces. – T-Shirt | Hoodie | Joggers | Pop Socket | Notebook
  • Artwork can include text; creator must submit the font files. no profanity will be permitted. Color variations must be provided by the creator and should provoke awareness, compassion, kindness, or hope related to mental health.
  • Artists must fill out one entry form per submission. Artists are welcome to submit more than one submission.
  • Entries can be digital or created by hand.
  • Digital entries should be submitted as a PNG or PDF for the best outcome.
  • Hand-created entries must be on a white background and be 8” x 11” or larger to enable digitization. A picture is sufficient for entry, but the original art must be made available on request.
  1. Entries should be accompanied by a title and a description of the inspiration behind the design.
  1. All submissions will receive a follow-up email acknowledging the receipt.
  1. Submitted designs will be reviewed by the SCSAC contest committee.
  1. Final selections will be posted on our website, and the community will vote for the winning design. Voting will begin on our website on July 15th and will end on July 22nd.
  1. Winners will be notified via email.
  1. The 1st place winner will be awarded $250.00 in recognition of their creativity and contribution. They will also choose an item from the selection above, which will proudly showcase their unique design.
  1. The 2nd place winner will receive a hoodie which will proudly showcase their design.
  1. The 3rd place winner will receive a t-shirt which will proudly showcase their design.
  1. SCSAC reserves the right to provide honorable mentions to individuals that are not selected for prizes but who have submitted outstanding creations.
  1. A selection of the designs submitted will be made available to the public, for printing on select items, through CD Penrose Creations.
  • By participating in this promotion, you acknowledge and agree that SCSAC shall have the right to use any material included as part of a contest submission for use in connection with future promotional materials by SCSAC on our website, in print,

or otherwise.

  • Submission information collected by SCSAC for the purposes of this contest becomes the property of SCSAC for its sole use.
  • Contact information will not be shared for any purpose other than communication for the contest.
  • Prize winners will have their information shared online and on social media (name, artwork, photo, inspiration, etc.) and may be photographed/videotaped for purposes of media coverage and SCSAC promotions.

You can submit your original design through this Google form.

Submissions will be accepted from Monday, June 3rd, 2024, until Monday, July 8th, 2024.

If you do not have a Google account or are having technical difficulties, you may include the following in an email submission to scsac@hopeequalslife.ca.

  • Name of Artist:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Title of design:
  • Inspiration for design:
  • Additional Comments:
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